Stress Check-Up Practitioner Directory

Arlen Ring, Ph.D.
20501 Ventura Blvd
Suite 395
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
United States
License No.
PSY 8070
Treats via video

I am a Licensed Psychologist in Woodland Hills, California and have been in practice for 37 years.  I have degrees from UCLA, USC and CSULA.  The best way to acquaint yourself with my focus and competencies would be to visit my website

PPD Training, Experience and Approach

I have studied the interface between emotions, stress and pain extensively and have treated many people with chronic pain.  My approach is described in detail on my website in the section on Chronic Back Pain – TMS.

The issue often arises of the feasibility of providing video or telephone based treatment for those for whom geography does not permit an office visit.  I find that being in the physical presence of the person suffering pain gives me a far greater understanding of the emotional experience that he or she is having than I can get with a more limited connection.  For that reason, I regretfully decline to provide treatment other than face to face.