Stress Check-Up Practitioner Directory

Clark Grove, PhD
1902 Webster St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
United States
License No.
Treats via video

My Master’s Degree was focused on Mind-Body integration.
My PhD was accomplished at the California Institute of Integral Studies whose focus is on the integration of western and eastern psychology and philosophy.
I attended the Mind/Body Conference at UCLA in 2010.
I have received training in the preferred form of psychotherapy for stress related disorders (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy).
I have read all of Dr. John Sarno’s books and many other related materials regarding psychosomatic disorders.

PPD Training, Experience and Approach

I work with stress related problems much as I do with all issues clients present in psychotherapy. I focus on the roots of learned beliefs and associated feelings in childhood that produced the defenses we use to protect ourselves. Although the defenses were adaptive responses to issues in childhood, they become limiting to us as adults. As we uncover the beliefs and feelings associated with the defenses, we are able to identify them and develop a new relationship with them and with ourselves, decreasing the need for the defenses and thereby decreasing the stress response.
I consider video therapy if I am able to meet with a prospective client for an initial 2 hour session.