Learn how to diagnose and treat Psychophysiologic Disorders (PPD) online or in-person

Our Online Course 

Psychophysiologic Disorders

Psychophysiologic Disorders - a 13-module online course led by David Clarke, MD (PPDA President) and Jessica Shahinian (PPDA Outreach Director). Our continued medical education course was developed for health professionals but is also a useful recovery resource for patients. Learn more and watch the first module for free.

Other Online Courses

Led by PPDA Board members or our colleagues

Schubiner PESI Digital Seminar.jpg

Dr. Schubiner digital seminar

Helping Clients Unlearn Their Pain: The New Neuroscience of Pain - a 2-hour digital seminar by Howard Schubiner, MD (PPDA Co-Founder), presented by PESI, Inc. Available for CE credit.

SIRPA's Practitioner Training.jpg

SIRPA’s Practitioner Training

Developed by SIRPA and it’s founder, Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, this 2-level course certifies you to become a SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner’s Association) Practitioner.

CME Conferences

Led by PPDA Co-Founders

Beyond Pain Management.jpg

Beyond Pain Management - May 31-June 1, 2019

Beyond Pain Management: Treating the Intersection of Pain and Unresolved Emotional Experiences - a 2-day CME conference in Southfield, Michigan led by PPDA Co-Founders Howard Schubiner, MD, and Alan Gordon, LCSW with guest speakers Mark Lumley, PhD and Christie Uipi, MSW. Click for more details and registration information.