Course Series Description

Learn how to successfully diagnose and treat chronic functional syndromes, medically unexplained symptoms and the psychosocial factors in chronic pain (collectively known as Psychophysiologic Disorders or PPD).

This trauma-informed approach can transform these patients from among the most frustrating to the most rewarding and help them have a far better chance at a full recovery.

  • Assess for current stresses, limitations in self-care skills, the long-term impact of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) and somatic presentations of Depression, PTSD and Anxiety

  • Develop empathy skills that enable understanding of issues that patients struggle to articulate

  • Apply treatment measures that meet the specific needs of each patient

These concepts are based on published research and detailed interviews with over 7000 patients suffering from PPD. The course was developed through 30+ years of presentations to physicians, mental health professionals, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, behavioral health consultants and graduate students throughout North America and Europe.

While the course is designed for health professionals, jargon is minimized so patients will also find this material very helpful toward their recovery.

How To Purchase

Our online continuing education course series is divided into 3 parts to make it accessible to a wide audience (practitioners & patients) with an option for every budget! You can purchase the courses à la carte or save money with a bundle (recommended).


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CEU & CME Credit

Our online course series will be available for Continuing Education (CEUs) for some health professionals in the near future, and possibly CME credit depending on demand (in 2020). Subscribe to our email list in the footer below to receive an update when our full course is available and when CE credit is available.

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David Clarke, MD - PPDA President & Co-Founder

Jessica Shahinian, BFA - PPDA Executive Director


  • 13 video modules & quizzes

  • 2.5 hours of high quality video that helps the material sink in

  • Numerous case studies selected from the 7000+ patients that Dr. Clarke treated

  • 2 test cases with short essay prompts to challenge your skills in empathy and clinical deductive reasoning

  • BONUS simulation of how to diagnose a patient who "doesn't have excessive stress"

  • Helpful Resources

  • Certificates of Completion for the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Course Modules