Start your recovery from chronic pain and/or medically unexplained symptoms today!

  • The following online recovery programs, from the PPDA Board and our colleagues, use informal terms for Psychophysiologic Disorders (PPD) including Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS), Stress Illness and Mind-Body.

Alan Gordon, LCSW

Alan Gordon's FREE TMS Recovery Program

The TMS Wiki hosts a free TMS Recovery Program, developed by Alan Gordon, LCSW (PPDA Co-Founder). Focusing on self-compassion, this multimedia recovery program adds clips of recorded sessions between Alan and individual PPD patients into the written content. Click here to go to the program.

Howard Schubiner Mind Body Program

Dr. Howard Schubiner's Online Mind-Body Program

Dr. Howard Schubiner (PPDA Co-Founder) has a well regarded four-week program that he runs through his website. More details are available here.

David Schechter, MD MindBody Recovery Program

Dr. David Schechter's PPD Home Educational Program

Dr. David Schechter (PPDA Board) has a structured PPD home educational program that has been used for over 20 years by over 30,000 individuals. It consists of a workbook, an audioprogram and a video. The workbook guides you through a 30 day program of journaling, generally asking you four questions per day that you respond to in writing.

TMS Wiki logo

The TMS Wiki's Structured Educational Program

The TMS Wiki (run by PPDA Vice President, Forest Smith) has a free Structured Educational Program, developed entirely by people who have recovered from PPD. Based on the techniques other peers used to heal, this six-week program combines educational activities with journaling and has built-in peer support using the Structured Educational Program subforumClick here to go to the program.

SIRPA Recovery Program

SIRPA Recovery Program

Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, physiotherapist and founder of SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner's Association) in the United Kingdom, developed a five-week online recovery program that, among other things, includes an eight chapter online manual, interactive worksheets, and access to a discussion forum to interact with other SIRPA participants as well as with Georgie. More details are available here


Dr. John Stracks’s Mind-Body Workshops

  1. Mind-Body Medicine Class - This 5-week online discussion group facilitated by Dr. John Stracks will address different strategies to help you overcome the psychological barriers keeping you from healing.

  2. Mind-Body Medicine Discussion Group - This 5-week online discussion group facilitated by Dr. John Stracks is designed to help you connect with Dr. Stracks and with others as you move to eliminate long-standing pain symptoms by understanding the psychological context in which they occur. 


Workshops to relieve your chronic pain and/or medically unexplained symptoms

Relief From Chronic Pain Hanscom Workshop.jpg

Relief From Chronic Pain - June 7-9, 2019

It seems hard to believe, but a pain-free life is possible even after decades of suffering. Spine surgeon David Hanscom, MD (PPDA Board) has helped hundreds of people move out of chronic physical and emotional pain with his multilayered, patient-directed approach. Movement artist, Babs Yohai, and expressive arts therapist, Jasmine Yohai both focus on rhythm, mindful movement and body awareness.

Through group discussions, guided imagery, and sensorimotor exercises, you’ll learn to address all the factors that affect your perception of pain. You’ll explore the neurological nature of pain and the shifts you can make through creative practice. You will also learn energy work, meditation, and forgiveness practices to reprogram your mind-body connection. In a safe and structured environment, you get the support and information you need to begin to break free from pain.

This approach benefits those suffering from chronic pain, family members of those with chronic pain, and health-care professionals who want to implement these strategies in their practices.